July 19, 2017 user

Welcome to faq dog. After 1 year and countless experiments, we are here. We want change the way businesses and customers talk to each other and with that mission, we have launched a new version for Product Managers and Businesses to get quick, real time feedback from customers/visitors on Websites and Apps.

What is special about Customer Feedback using FAQ DOG?

  • FAQ is Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ DOG = Frequently Ask your Customers!
  • It’s based on FAQ’s with Goals defined by Product Managers or a Business User (example of a goal is: “Why are the conversion rates down on the website?)
  • FAQ’s are conversational, they allow you to engage personally with your customers and visitors, trial users
  • FAQ’s get smarter with Machine Learning.  faq dog constantly analyzes what works and what doesn’t based on thousands of data combinations to come up with the best Model to make FAQ’s
  • FAQ dog makes it possible to launch contextual surveys in minutes and can run itself after that based on the Customer data and history. This makes personalized one to one messaging possible with every single Customer at all the stages of Product lifeCycle.
  • FAQ Dog starts with Answers – Your Customers have to just click, these kind of Rich Experiences are much more engaging than Traditional Email Surveys. We try to predict what’s on your customers mind based on various metrics and present them the right FAQ .
  • We are Modern and made for the Modern Internet Devices, Modern Customer behaviors.
  • Super fast Real time Analytics to identify Customer Problems in Real time and act upon them
  • FAQ DOG is especially made for Product Managers, by Product Managers to Run Product Feedback Experiments. We believe Strategy, Roadmap, Releases, Features, Launches, etc should be Feedback Driven.
  • You can deploy your surveys anywhere using faq dog, facebook messenger, Public URL, Blogs, Ecommerce Stores, Websites, In-App, Web applications, Slack, everywhere!
  • Do I have to use FAQ dog, can’t Survey Monkey, Wootrics or other such software do the job for me? They can, but it will take a lot of work, here is a comparison and what it would mean to build your own solution! You can use Godaddy or Google Apps or number of other apps to grow your business. The adoption depends on the stage of your business and what your goals are.

There’s more, but hope that explains a little bit about what we are doing! 🙂 We are still in pre-funding stage, a team of 4 people, but very soon, we will be hiring across the board, so keep an eye out for us if you want to join an exciting startup at the beginning stages (Sky is the limit in terms of incentive 🙂

We are a bunch of Engineers who made couple of successful startups together, but I think we took advantage of the early market to succeed. We also failed at a startup (we tried to launch a website builder), so we went back to the board to see what we did wrong. Among one of the few things that we could have controlled, we identified the need for Excellent Product Management. According to us, Product Management is find valuable things that can be built and then making sure those things deliver the right experiences for the Customers (which is made of number of other steps). So, we decided to built a tool for ourselves and for other businesses who want to take advantage of Product Management for their startups!