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PM's build better products by listening to their customers.

Are you talking to your customers?

People Don't Open Traditional Email 00

Personalized, targeted messaging in your Apps and Websites are way better than Emails that don't get opened!

3x Open Rate In-App 00

People Engage in-App and website Messages 3 times more than Emails


Actively Listen to Customers On Website, Mobile, In-App- Understand them

Thing is: Your Customers like clicking not writing! Use Machine Learning to Predict your Customers Problems, Paths, Satisfaction levels through their lifecycle
Customers don't like to spend time reading business emails  and type full fledged feedbacks - They would rather give you feedbacks when they are using your service and they would rather just Click a few times than type feedback!


faq dog Feature Usage Feedback

Find out which features customers like, which ones Need more Work!

Deliver Customer Experiences that matter and feel good about using Real Customer Feedback driven Product Development.

Turn Customer Input into Innovation !

Stop Guessing what your Customers want! Use faq dog as a secret against your peers and competitors

Use Customer feedback to drive Product, Engagement and retention. Get feedback with FAQ’s.

  • What to find out next feature?
  • Want to test your new update?
  • Where’s the next innovation?  
  • What to test out a new UI/UX Prototype ?
  • What to prioritize Roadmap?
faq dog upgrade feedback

Get Clear, Actionable Feedback that will impact your bottomline and revenues

1 lost customer > $1000's  lost

1 engaged customer > $$$LTV gained 

1 unengaged customer > $1000's in $LTV lost

1 engaged customer > likely to recommend another customer

Become a Customer Obsessed organization by making feedback process integral to your SAAS company. Involve engineers, DevOps, Stakeholders and everyone else part of your feedback process. Become a feedback Driven Company!

Start talking to your Customers with FAQ's. Create an FAQ in seconds.  Stop Guessing what your customers want, Just ask them what they want

Ask Customers In-App

Ask your customers about usage, satisfaction and even guide them. Don't let them keep guessing!

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Get new Ideas for Product Features

Engage Customers in seconds to start getting Product Ideas

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Share Customer Insight

Share Customer Feedback Data with Teams to get them all on the same page!

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See Data across Channels

See all your Customer feedback data at 1 place (In-App, On website, Mobile App, Mobile vistors)

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Become a Customer Feedback Driven Company!

Make Feedback your Core Competency and Crush Competition!
  • Listen
  • Create Feedback Driven Customer Experiences
  • Drive Engagement, LTV, Revenue and Word of Mouth
Product Experiments
Product Changes
Happy Customers
Real Time Analytics

Proactively listen to Customers and identify customer problems before your key metrics drop! Make quick and feedback driven decisions to further your product success!

24/7 Support

We are a Customer Feedback Company! We are available 24/7 to help you. If we drop the ball, you get compensated, it's simple!

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